I’m the Stone Pub. I have a rustic look and feel, capturing the ambiance of a traditional pub back home in Ireland. I fit 60 guests seated and 70 guests standing up comfortably. Since I can offer a VIP atmosphere, I have had the opportunity to do wedding parties, business meetings/parties, as well as reunions and birthday functions. So if you want more of a private gathering, I am definitely your go to.


       Party Platters         ♦          Buffet           ♦         Entrés


Thinking about where to have your next party? Well there is no better place to host your private party than Dub Linn Gate. We offer you exclusive use of our two Party Rooms which are equipped with beautiful Irish touches, and your personal bartender! 
Its our goal to welcome you back year after year for future functions so we will work hard to guarantee that all of the details of your event are taken care of. Over the years, we have done corporate parties, wedding rehearsals, business meetings, graduation parties, wedding proposals, birthday parties, amongst many more. It is our number one goal to be masters of hosting parties and exceeding your expectations.

For more information about our private rooms, or to reserve your next private event, please contact us at 905-738-5646 or reservations@dublinngate.ca. We're flexible when it comes to accommodating you so let us know what you need and we'll make it happen.

I’m the Loft, and I’m located upstairs. I have a modernized look and feel, and I can serve a party of 40 guests seated, and 50 guests standing up. Compared to other private rooms, I am very unique as I offer a pool table, a big screen TV, and your Personal Bar Tender. I am definitely a dream come true when it comes to having a good time.